About Us

It all started over a card game at Fuller’s in downtown Phoebus. It was February 1933 and a man walked into the then dry establishment with a bag of beer for the patrons to try. He had come from Washington D.C. where the vote to repeal prohibition had just passed. A young man named Melvin Price, who was born with an entrepreneurial spirit and a natural ability to sell anything, got an idea that afternoon.

A few weeks later, Melvin boarded the ferry to the Eastern Shore and returned home with his first supply of Esslinger, a Pennsylvania brew. He improvised by using the streets of downtown Phoebus and the tailgate of his truck to sell every single case in a day. A few years later, Anheuser-Busch noticed how this young entrepreneur had built the Esslinger brand and wanted him on their team.

These days, Melvin wouldn’t believe how much our portfolio has expanded. We now offer a well rounded selection of domestic, craft and import beer, cider, wine, soft drinks, energy drinks, tea and water.

As a third generation family-owned business, M. Price continues to be committed to growth and excellence in our market through an unwavering commitment to our customers and our employees. Our team is known for service and dependability, always striving to build strong customer relations.

We’ve come a long way since that first delivery of beer across the Chesapeake Bay but what hasn’t changed is the company’s dedication to the vision that Melvin Price set in motion over eight decades ago.

M. Price Distributing Co.